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Driving Tips for Wet Roads

Throughout the last few days most of us have been caught in the summer rain showers, these are only the beginning! Driving in the rain can be extremely dangerous therefore we need to be prepared before and during the storm. Thousands of car accidents each year are caused by wet driving conditions. Safety starts before […]


How to Handle a Road Side Emergency

Coming across an accident while out on the road can be a frightening and stressful. Not only is it a dangerous environment to exit your car and assist but the sight of injured, bleeding people or children can be terrifying. Every accident scene has its own unique challenges and emergency personnel are usually quick on […]


How to Prevent Becoming the Next Hijacking Victim

Hijacking is a fear that all of us South Africans have to live with. The South African Police Service recently revealed that a car gets hijacked in the country every 41 minutes. Rather alarmingly, vehicle theft has decreased by 2.7%, but carjacking and truck hijacking have both increased dramatically at 14.2% and 29.1% in the […]


What the legal Drinking limit Actually Means For Us

Enjoying a beer or a glass of wine is a culture most of us adults enjoy. However, a challenge exists. How much can we drink whilst remaining under the limit? Let’s address the first question, what will happen if you are caught over the limit? According to members of the South African Police Service, if […]