Advice after a car accident

If you have ever been in an accident, you will know and understand what a stressful experience it is. To think clearly is not easy, especially if you or someone else had been injured. A million thoughts run through your head and it’s very difficult to understand what exactly just happened to you, let alone remember what the correct procedures are, which you need to follow. For this reason, we’ve put together 7 tips, which you can print out and keep in your car or save on your mobile device.  This way, if you are involved in an accident, you will know what steps to follow to ensure the best possible outcome.

  1. Stop:

You need to stop immediately. This will help you to assess the situation and decide what the next step might be. A driver who fails to stop after an accident when required to do so by law is liable to be prosecuted and, if convicted, receive a hefty fine, or sent to prison for up to nine years, or even both.

  1. Stay Calm:

We know it’s very difficult to stay calm but try your utmost best. When you stay calm, it helps you to think clearly, it subdues the situation and you remain focused on the facts and bringing comfort to your loved ones.

  1. Assess Injuries:

Assess if you or anyone else might have sustained injuries and where the injuries might be. Injuries may be internal or external. If a person is injured, provide whatever assistance that you are capable of untill emerency services arrive.

  1. Call the Authorities:

Depending on the scale of the accident, you might have to phone the Police and an Ambulance service immediately. If you do not give this information to the police or traffic officer at the scene of the accident, you must report the collision at a police station or at an authorised office of a traffic officer within 24 hours, with your driving licence. If there has been a collision involving two vehicles and nobody is injured, the drivers may decide to pay for their own repairs and to forgo a claim against each other. The police need not be called to the scene of such an accident, but it must be reported – by both drivers – at a police station within 24 hours.

  1. Take notes on the incident:
  • Pictures
  • Date, time and place the accident occurred
  • The other vehicles’ make, model and colour, registration number/s
  • Details of the owner of the other motor vehicle, if not the driver – i.e. name, address and telephone numbers (home/work/cell).
  • Name, address and telephone numbers (home/work/cell) of any witnesses.
  • Name of police or traffic officer, if present, and their police station.
  • Name/telephone number of the towing operator.
  1. Insurance

Phone your insurer, tell them about the accident and provide all the relevant information they might need.

  1. Afterwards

At the time of the accident there might be internal and/or external injuries but often we forget about the emotional injuries and scares someone might have sustained during the accident. Make an appointment with any relevant medical practitioners to receive adequate help and assistance.

An accident is a traumatic experience. Please follow the rules of the road, stay alert and remember the above tips. Save our number on your phone if you are ever in need of medical assistance 0861 960 960

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