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The South African Police Service (SAPS) recently released some crucial safety tips, designed to prevent danger to you or your passengers while in your car. We all tend to think that these types of things only happen to other people, but the truth is it could happen to anyone. At any moment. Read the following […]

South African Fuel Tax Increase; How Does it Affect your Fuel Cost

The 2018 Fuel Levy and Road Accident Fund: For most road users, the most alarming changes in the recent National Budget, announced 21 February 2018, included the increase in the General Fuel levy and Road Accident Fund levy, of which South African Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba announced an increase of more than 50 cents per […]

Bad Driving Habits Costing You Money

Yes, we’re all back in the saddle! Using up litre upon litre of petrol in our daily traffic jam to our workplaces! January is over and the time to get back into the rhythm of your work-day is now! But, nothing would make February worse than unforeseen car problems, just as you’ve managed to scrape […]

5 Tips to Saving Money on Fuel During January

Saving Money in January: January is said to be the longest month of the year, with a fair amount of people over spending during their holiday season or getting their salaries earlier and not budgeting for January. However, it happened, we all agree that January is where we all feel the bite of a lower […]

Road Site CPR

Road Emergency Assist CPR: For most South Africans, the December holiday period can be one of the most joyous yet one of the most dangerous times on our roads. With over 800 deaths recording during December 2016 alone, a 17% increase since 2015, a better awareness on our roads and preparing for worst-case scenarios should […]

Malaria: A South African Outbreak and Travelling these Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching and a lot of us will be hitting the road to some far off place for some much need rest and relaxation, and while we always trust our readers and customers to travel safely and consciously, there are also new concerns around for this season. Specifically the rise of […]

Helping Victims of Road Accidents

When it comes to travelling on our South African roads, each of us has either experienced or witnessed a car accident. As more and more cars go onto the roads each year, this is an aspect of life that is becoming more a part of daily lives than we ever wanted. What should you do […]

Texting and Driving: How to Stop

When it comes to running our day-to-day lives, nothing is more synonymous with efficiency and connectivity than our cell phones. It’s as much a part of our lives as is our clothing, our jobs or our cars. Smartphones keep us connected, they run our businesses and our lives more efficiently, they keep us communicating and […]

How to deal with someone having an anxiety or panic attack

There is an estimated 400 million people worldwide who suffer from mental or neurological disorders, yet when spoken about, there still seems to be a certain stigma attached to those who live with such mental conditions. We have often discussed what to do when someone is faced with a physical problem that needs to be […]

A Guide to Checking Your Vehicle before a Road Trip

Are you planning an exciting road trip? Besides what playlist to put together, there are more serious things you need to consider before your long drive ahead. Below are a few helpful tips to ensure that your car and your family are prepared for your next adventure:   Check your tyres – Closely inspect your […]