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A Guide to Checking Your Vehicle before a Road Trip

Are you planning an exciting road trip? Besides what playlist to put together, there are more serious things you need to consider before your long drive ahead. Below are a few helpful tips to ensure that your car and your family are prepared for your next adventure:

  • Check your tyres – Closely inspect your tyres for any tears or bulges. Ensure you have at least 1/16th” or 1.6mm tread left. If the tread is less than 1/12″ or 2.5mm, you may want to consider new tyres to ensure traction in all weather conditions. This is highly important as it directly impacts your safety, and the safety of your family
  • The spare tyre – Check that your spare tyre is in perfect condition; don’t forget to also check the jack, the handle and the wheel brace
  • Car fluids – Check your oil before your drive and fill up if needed. Remember, without oil in your engine, your car will overheat. Brake fluid and windscreen wash levels may help you avoid an accident
  • Lights – It is critical to ensure that your headlights are working. However, don’t forget about the other lights in your car. Go through all your lights – indicators, brake and fog lights (if applicable) and replace bulbs if necessary. Also, consider carrying spare bulbs on a road trip just in case
  • The fan belt – Check for cracks in the rubber. A good way to tell if your fan belt needs replacing is to listen out for any shrieking noises
  • Clean car – Clean the windows of your car for the best visibility.  Also, ensure that your wipers are working properly
  • Baggage overload – Check your vehicle’s load capacity to make sure you aren’t putting too much weight on the car. Handy tip­­­ – fuel economy is reduced with extra cargo
  • Arrive alive – Be safe. Make sure you are driving safely and follow the rules of the road. Get plenty of sleep before you depart on your journey

Your safety is our main priority, in a case of emergency, call Maponya 911 on 0861 960 960 and our team will come and assist you.


Opening Ceremony for New Offices

We have recently moved our head office, our new head office is located in the Lakeside Office Estate. Our Opening ceremony was great fun and enjoyed by all of our employees.

New Address:

5 Upper Lake Lane,

Lakeside Office Estate,

Constantia Kloof