We’re looking for the best people we can find. If you’re dedicated to saving lives and you’re suitably qualified to handle the responsibility, it’s time you joined a company at the forefront of emergency medical care. We delighted to work with passionate candidates.


Maponya 911 RESCUE is committed to promoting equal opportunities in everything we do, including our recruitment and employment processes. We welcome diversity and look for self-motivated, enthusiastic people from all backgrounds who care about making a difference in the EMS and health care industry.


Because we believe in rewarding those who get Maponya’s culture and operations, and who have been loyal to the company, we look for opportunities to promote staff from within first. It’s only when we can’t fill a position internally that we start recruiting from outside.


Whether you’re someone who wants to get out into the field for a hands-on experience, or you’re interested in managing the background processes, there’s a place for you at Maponya 911. We look for both qualified EMT’s and paramedics, and professional, efficient operations staff who exude patience, care and customer service skills.


We also take in volunteers each year. If you’d like to work with us as a volunteer, submit your CV and if you are shortlisted  for a position, we’ll contact you for further interviews.

What you need

All candidates should have a valid South African driver’s licence and any required certificates and qualifications, and should be registered with the Health Professional Council of South Africa