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Occupational Health Care

Every company is required to provide adequate protection for the health and safety of its workers. If you need guidance on meeting this obligation, Maponya 911 RESCUE specialises in occupational health care consulting. We offer a wealth of knowledge, insight and expertise that will benefit your organisation and employees.

Needs analysis

At the start of any engagement, we carry out a comprehensive needs analysis for your entire organisation, to make sure that we create an occupational health and safety implementation programme designed to meet your specific needs.


Our occupational health care programmes are cost-effective while ensuring a complete framework for protecting your workers’ health and safety in compliance with national standards.

Our occupational health care services include:

  • On-site services (Clinical service at your location and on-site staffing)

  • All Medical examinations (Pre-employment/placement exams and post-employment)

  • 24 hour availability (if required)

  • Injury Treatment

  • Occupational Health Care Nurse consultant

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing

  • Vaccinations

For more information about our occupational health and safety consulting services, please: