tips for easter

Stay safe during Easter.

10 Safety tips for the long trip.

If you’re one of the thousands planning to hit the South African roads and highways for the Easter holiday season, this year, then you will know the dangers that may lie ahead. The World Health Organisation (WHO) regards South Africa as one of the world’s worst countries for road safety

Every year, hundreds of people tragically lose their lives on our roads during this time. Here are ten pieces of sound holiday travel advice to save you gas, save your sanity, and maybe even save your life:


  1. Plan:

The key to making your holiday travel or long road trip safe and relaxed is planning. As they saying goes, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Take a few extra hours and plan for your safety. This includes working out the route you are taking; the amount of time to allow getting there, this includes planning regular rest breaks. If possible, budget for a GPS.

  1. Rest:

Rest is crucial. It keeps you alert. During long trips drivers can feel tired and may be tempted to keep going to make up time, putting themselves, their passengers and other road-users at risk. If possible, share the driving responsibility.

  1. Distraction:

There might be all kinds of distractions on the road. From road works, to traffic to kids making a lot of noise and having fun in the car. Please stay alert. Have activities for the kids to keep them busy and let someone else answer the phone while you are driving.

  1. Patience:

Patience is a virtue and we need to work at it as much as possible. During the Easter season you are bound to be sharing the road with many people going on holiday. You are working and they are enjoying the scenery. Be patient. It will save your life.

  1. Weather:

Try to get a projected weather forecast for all the provinces/countries along your route. Again it comes down to a little bit of preparation before the long haul. Bad weather can stop even the best of drivers. Knowing the elements, will give you an upper hand.

  1. Speed:

Arriving a few minutes later at your destination is better than not arriving at your destination at all. Stay within the speed limit and always choose an appropriate speed for the driving conditions.

  1. Delays:

Delays are inevitable when you are on the road. Expect them and learn to love them. Delays could be caused by road constructions, congestion or simply due to the time of day you find yourself on the road. Remember to stay alert at any hijacking hot spot.

  1. Emergency kit & Number:

We tend to forget about having an emergency kit, until we actually need it. This kit could include anything from a bandage to a blanket. Emergency kits are available at leading pharmacies. Have an emergency number saved on your phone. If you don’t have an emergency number, you can save our national number 0861 960 960.

  1. Road Worthy Check :

Make sure that your truck is road worthy. Have the breaks, shocks and other minor technicalities checked. There is nothing too small when it comes to ensuring safety.

  1. Blind Spot:

Always check your blind spot. Many accidents could have been avoided & lives saved if people had only checked the blind spot regularly.


We hope you have a fantastic Easter season. Always remember, whether you are staying around or on the long road, we are here if you need us.

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