Safety Tips While in a Vehicle

The South African Police Service (SAPS) recently released some crucial safety tips, designed to prevent danger to you or your passengers while in your car. We all tend to think that these types of things only happen to other people, but the truth is it could happen to anyone. At any moment.

Read the following tips and always remember to put your safety first!

  • Vary Your travel to work and back, if this is possible.

This tip refers to the fact that criminals will scout a victim and learn their route to and from work. They will know when you leave and when you arrive, as well as where on your route you are most vulnerable.

To avoid this, try switch routes occasionally and if possible, even times.

  • If approached by a stranger while in your car, drive off if possible or press your hooter to attract attention.

If a stranger approaches your car unexpectedly or you feel like you’re in danger then take action. There is a difference between a window washer at the robots and a hijacker. But keep your guard up and always trust your gut!3

  • If strangers loiter near or at your driveway, rather drive past. If they loiter for a long time, report it to your nearest police station.

This tip is one of the most important ones on the list! A common technique for a hijacker is to wait outside your driveway and then hijack you at your most vulnerable. It’s better to follow this advice and get home safely than to take a chance on your life.

  • Hijackers might stage a minor accident so they can approach your car.

If your car is bumped from behind and you don’t feel comfortable with the individual(s) involved in the situation, drive to the nearest police station for help.

Don’t risk your life or your vehicle if you feel something is strange about the situation. Sure, regular fender-benders do happen regularly but trust your judgement.

Take some time to familiarise yourself with these tips. The SAPS use years of data to inform their advice and reading this article may save your life at some point in the near future. Stay safe!

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