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CALL 0861 960 960

Medical Events Management

There are so many variables in planning and executing an event, anything can happen. When it comes to the health and welfare of event spectators, participants and staff, it pays to have a partner who knows the pitfalls and can respond to any situation calmly and professionally.

Planning meets preparation

Maponya 911 RESCUE can help you plan and prepare for all medical needs and emergencies that might take place. And on the day, we’ll be onsite and at the ready to make sure that any incidents are handled promptly and professionally.

We provide support and medical response for all types of events nationwide, tailored to suit your specific needs.

Full medical solutions for events

  • A Medical Requirements Pre-check

  • A Medical Operations Plan

  • Full medical Standby as per requirements

  • First-Aid, Primary Care, Transportation and Medical Treatment

  • A Medical report (when required)

Past clients

SAFA, Department of Sports, Department of Education, FCAK, COMUTANET, CAMPUS MEDIA, and various other organisations.


  • Corporate functions/fixtures

  • Films and Music concerts/festivals

  • Shows and Exhibitions, etc

  • Sports events (All sporting codes)

  • Productions

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