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South African Fuel Tax Increase; How Does it Affect your Fuel Cost

The 2018 Fuel Levy and Road Accident Fund: For most road users, the most alarming changes in the recent National Budget, announced 21 February 2018, included the increase in the General Fuel levy and Road Accident Fund levy, of which South African Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba announced an increase of more than 50 cents per […]


Bad Driving Habits Costing You Money

Yes, we’re all back in the saddle! Using up litre upon litre of petrol in our daily traffic jam to our workplaces! January is over and the time to get back into the rhythm of your work-day is now! But, nothing would make February worse than unforeseen car problems, just as you’ve managed to scrape […]


5 Tips to Saving Money on Fuel During January

Saving Money in January: January is said to be the longest month of the year, with a fair amount of people over spending during their holiday season or getting their salaries earlier and not budgeting for January. However, it happened, we all agree that January is where we all feel the bite of a lower […]


Road Site CPR

Road Emergency Assist CPR: For most South Africans, the December holiday period can be one of the most joyous yet one of the most dangerous times on our roads. With over 800 deaths recording during December 2016 alone, a 17% increase since 2015, a better awareness on our roads and preparing for worst-case scenarios should […]